Oily Hair

Oily Hair

How well are you and your hair acquainted? It is your hair after all, you must know everything there is to know about it. You may be surprised to learn that is not the case.

You may not know your hair that well at all.

There are many different skin types, surely you have noticed. It turns out that hair comes in many types as well. Some have oily hair while others have hair that is dry or frizzy. Healthy hair care includes a routine specific to the hair type. Hair care tips for someone with frizzy hair may not be the best hair care for a person with oily hair.

Each person has their own opinion about which hair type is the most difficult but everyone agrees that oily hair is one of the worst. It seems that the battle to prevent a greasy look and feel is never-ending. It doesn’t have to be any longer. You just need to know how to attack the problem

Proper Product Choice

Different products are designed for different hair types. Some products will actually make your issues worse so pay attention! The right oily hair shampoo is the number one line of defense against your over oiled locks.

Wash Frequency

The more you wash oily hair, the more oil is produced. Slowing down the washing schedule is crucial. Should your hair become oily between washes you can try a dry shampoo product to hold you over until the next wash. Over time your hair will acclimate and become less oily overall.

Conditioner Location

Most people adopt a “more the merrier” approach with their conditioner application. This is good for many people, but not for the folks with oily hair. Try using a high-quality conditioner but only toward the ends of the hair. This will keep the hair healthy without adding to grease buildup near the roots.

Stop Touching

People with oily skin have known this rule for a long time. If you continue to touch it, it will get even more oily. Do not brush too often and avoid playing with your hair. After a wash, give your hair a nice brush and try to just leave it be. This will pay off eventually.

Turn Up the Volume

If you have greasy hair the best hair tips include avoiding straight hairstyles. The more volume the better, this will help your hair appear less oily. Investing in a couple quality products for this purpose is a good idea.

If you follow these hair care tips for oily hair you will find your hair becoming better and better. Proper care goes a long way in all things, greasy hair is no exception. If you dedicate some time to this problem and utilize these tips, oily hair will be a big problem no longer.