Cold Weather Makeup tips

Cold Weather Makeup tips

During cold weather, we often use balms and oils. However, these can keep you dehydrated.

To avoid this, it is recommended that you break it up with milk/cream which contains more water and can also be removed quite easily thus saving you the need to spend time rubbing them with them with the funnel.

Milk is a better option especially if your makeup is soaked into your skin and goes patchy or just feels tight. It removes the oil/balms.

During cold freezing weather, you can consider using exfoliating acids with a layer of hyaluronic acids in the evening along with a hot shower.

Here is the cleansing routine when the winter is cold.


  • To your dry skin, smear milk/cream
  • Next is gently massaging, then wetting hands and loosening the cleanser
  • Take out using a funnel from a tepid water
  • Next is Spritzing hyaluronic acid
  • Then vitamin c serum
  • Next is moisturizer
  • Finally SPF


  • To render makeup lose, smear it with balm/milk cream
  • Take it out using a flannel with tepid water
  • Clean it for the second time using milk/cream cleanser.
  • Use warm funnel to remove
  • You can now apply you evening treatments
  • If you prefer moisturizer, then you can apply it.

Though oils with providing you with the protective layer, and keep you cool during this cold weather, the key component is the acid, that is hyaluronic acid.

In case you find yourself in a hurry, you have the freedom to apply only one cleanse, with longer massaging and eventually rinsing only once.

The initial massage will not remove the makeup but rather shifts it. All you need to do is applying it, followed with loose massaging and eventually getting rid of it as quickly as possible.

The cleansing that follows is meant for the skin. Here, you will massage for a longer time. Very few people would want to massage the whole face with makeup. If you have never given it a short, you will surely be amazed at what you will witness after this second round.

All these can be done in the same period. However, the most important thing is not your speed but rather how efficient you are. You can always contact a facial expert to know if they recommend giving facial and cleaning the skin only once. I bet the answer will be no. Always wash twice, unless you are in a hurry and require a quick, gentle wash