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Keeping your hair healthy can be a difficult task and we are here to help with any issues you may have with our expertise in the field.


While washing your hair every day may seem like a great idea to keep your hair in great condition we would advise against it as it can remove the natural healthy oils that are present in your hair and impact it poorly.

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If you need any help with your own beauty ruitine then feel free to get in touch with us and discuss how you can better manage your own personal skin and hair care without the mess off trying products that are not useful.

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Oily Hair

How well are you and your hair acquainted? It is your hair after all, you must know everything there is to know about it. You may be surprised to learn[…]

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Winter Haircare

The change of climate will always affect the way your hair and skin looks. Now, winter is almost over and I want to be ready to welcome spring. After Christmas[…]

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Oily Skin Tips

I once thought of how I could get rid of my oily skin. I tried as much to stabilize it sometimes but when the day ends, it always returned to[…]

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We have many years of experience as proffesional makeup artists and hair dressers so anything you may need to know we have you covered 

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